The Galt Sales Process: An Inch Wide and A Mile Deep
By Landry Roberts, Galt Pharmaceuticals’ Director of Sales

In 1889, humorist Edgar Nye coined the phrase “a mile wide and an inch deep.” He was talking about a water source found in Nebraska called the Platte River. It is a shallow, wide stream with a swampy bottom. Characteristics that made it virtually impossible to ever be used as a common route for navigation. Even though the Platte River is a key tributary in the Missouri River Watershed, it was deemed useless because of its lack of depth.

Nye said the Platte “had a very large circulation, but very little influence. It covers a good deal of ground, but it is not deep. In some places it is a mile wide and three-quarters of an inch deep.”

Thus, giving us the phrase we know today. It’s not meant as a compliment. In short order, Nye’s words began to be used broadly to describe people whose approach or knowledge are merely superficial.

In the world of pharmaceutical sales, “a mile wide and an inch deep” has been the longstanding norm. Big pharma’s strategy of calling on hundreds of clients on a monthly cadence has worked well for them alongside their gargantuan marketing budgets. This approach demands speedy visits with providers and large meal budgets for periodic breakfasts or lunches for their staff. For those of you familiar with auto racing, I call this the ‘pit stop’ method. Getting in and out as quickly as possible and getting right back on track. No extra time spent on the fine details.

But what if there was another way? A way for sales reps to make their monthly quota calling on just a fraction of the number of clients big pharma reps do. A way for sales reps to be able to cultivate a strong working relationship with every member of each clinic they call on. From the receptionist to the housekeeper to the provider. Humans need socialization. A genuine connection instead of a business transaction.

There is a better way.

The Galt Sales Process is a unique approach to pharmaceutical sales. It coaches reps to service the full office, front to back, on a weekly basis. Building relationships on a level not seen before in this industry. We believe connecting with every staff member personally and professionally yields dividends, otherwise impossible. Things like remembering birthdays, hobbies outside of work, or major life events create a level of trust and engagement that allows for a weekly connection and conversation. Not just a transaction. As a small pharmaceutical company, we must differentiate ourselves from everyone else. Asking ourselves daily, “how can I add value to every individual in every clinic I visit today?”

The Galt Sales Process is built on going a mile deep and an inch wide.

How could this strategy be viable in a world where big pharma dominates the landscape of marketing dollars and meal budgets? The answer in a word: relationships. We believe in a creative, collaborative working relationship with every client that breeds excitement and hope as we work together toward a common goal of meeting every patient’s needs.

Edward Kitsis says it this way, “when you have great working relationships with people, both collaboratively and creatively, everybody will always want to work together.”

When strong relationships are forged, working through obstacles and unexpected hiccups throughout the workweek becomes a pleasure and not a burden. Instilling in each staff member the belief and confidence they can trust us to do what we say will cultivate an environment that sees reps, staff, and providers working in harmony to ensure patients are always the number one priority.

Mastering the art of listening, practicing empathy, expressing genuine interest, and efficiently following up on everyone’s needs in a timely manner are all crucial in ensuring the long-term viability of your working relationships. 

We believe that it’s about more than just providing great pharmaceutical alternatives for providers to add to their always changing arsenal.

That’s what makes us different than big pharma. That’s how we add value to every clinic.

The Galt Sales Process: A Better Way.