Galt Phranchisees are able to promote and distribute unique health products and services within their franchised territories. Promoted products are approved by the U.S. FDA and are proven to make positive contributions to the lives of patients, caregivers and the health professional which provide care to them. Promoted services provide opportunities for consumers to access health care in non-traditional ways.

FDA approved products include:

Norgesic® single strength

Norgesic® is a brand of orphenadrine, aspirin and caffeine combined into one tablet. Originally introduced in the 1970’s, Norgesic has been prescribed over 3 million times, is safe and effective and was one of the most popularly prescribed analgesics until more dangerous opioid products were introduced by big pharma, causing an epidemic of addiction and death.


(Tolmetin Sodium 400 mg) Tablets


Oravig® is a brand of miconazole used for thrush which infects the oral cavity of the immunocompromised. Thus, patients undergoing chemotherapy now have an alternative to messy mouthwash combinations they swish around and spit out.


Doral® is a brand of quazepam introduced in the 1980’s and approved by the FDA for all three stages of insomnia. The introduction of newer sleep aids have not proven more effective. Even more intriguing is the lack of the most common side effects (“sleep walking” parasomnias) reported by a sleep aid prescribed over 50 million times, Ambien.