First Ever Pharmaceutical Franchise

What is A Galt Phranchise™ ?

Galt Phranchise Systems is the first and only franchisor to partner with a pharmaceutical company to create a unique franchise concept that allows an entrepreneur or business entity to market and promote pharmaceutical and health-related products in their local markets.  

Galt Pharmaceuticals manages the high-barrier industry functions. Galt Phranchise Systems has done the challenging work of building the foundation and business systems that allow franchise owners to focus on operating their truly patient-centric, local businesses. 

Franchisees work within their community to promote pharmaceutical and health related products through a variety of efforts:

Education for health care prescribers and medical office staff

Direct to consumer activities through health fairs and athletic events

Partnerships with health care professionals (physical therapists, chiropractors, professional associations etc.)

Partnerships with local independent pharmacies. Our coined term for a pharmaceutical franchise is “Phranchise™️” and we refer to Galt business owners as “Phranchisees.” Phranchise™️ owners receive the rights to market Galt products in their territories, allowing them to earn a generous revenue share based on their sales, marketing, and educational efforts.

These are just some of the challenges of starting a pharma company that GPS manages

》Acquiring and manufacturing FDA approved prescription products
》Assuring insurance reimbursement and coverage for products
》Distributing products directly or through wholesale channels
》Marketing products and supporting scientifically according to FDA requirements
》Meeting applicable legal and regulatory requirements

Steps to Ownership