Why a Galt Phranchise™

First of a Kind Opportunity

Healthcare sales professionals that have worked for large companies are tired of making $millions for their employer and are looking for a way to get uncapped revenue for their own grit, drive and networks. A Galt Phranchise™ could be that path of entrepreneurism.

Galt’s founders believe there’s a better way than big pharma. We reject the traditional model that diminishes R&D in favor of higher margins that feeds middle-men intermediaries and corporate bureaucracies. At Galt, Phranchisees™ own their own business in their own market. Galt lowers the barriers to entry in a highly regulated and protected pharmaceutical marketplace, allowing an individual to own and operate a compliant, community-based, pharmaceutical enterprise. We’ve set up a win-win situation for our company and entrepreneurs who own a Galt Pharmaceuticals Phranchise™. Why? Because we’re passionate about delivering exceptional pharmaceutical treatments through people who live in and care for the communities they serve.

These are just some of the challenges of starting a pharma company that GPS manages:

Phranchising takes away the challenges or starting and supporting your own pharmaceutical company and allows owners to do what they do best, leverage their business acumen, sales leadership and leverage their medical network to build a strong localized pharma business.


Meeting applicable legal and regulatory requirements


Offering Managed Care team


Distributing products directly or through wholesale channels


Marketing products and supporting scientifically according to FDA requirements


Acquiring and manufacturing FDA approved prescription products

1: Introduction

  • Have an introductory conversation with our Business Development Director so we can get to know you and share with you what a day in the life of an owner looks like

2: Get to Know Phranchisee Business

  • Dive deeper into our company, learn more about our values and our technology, to help you discern your level of interest
  • Learn about our marketing strategies and support and review the financial requirements for your initial investment and ongoing expenses

3: Understand the Local Phranchise Territory

  • Learn the lay of the land for your prospective market to understand which zip codes the boundaries extend to and what potential exists within
  • Consider the potential revenue based upon your strategic market approach for generating consumer awareness and develop community partnerships

4: Support & Infrastructure

  • Speak with our CEO for a formal introduction
  • Ask any final questions about Galt Phranchise Systems and provide feedback on your validation experience
  • Join us for a “Meet the Team” day and take part in our interactive presentations on each area of franchise support

5: Become a Phranchisee

  • Review and Sign Franchise Documents
  • Commence onboarding activities including 80+ hours of virtual training and study
  • Travel to our Georgia headquarters to complete an in-person training session

6: Work Begins

Contact Us

Contact us to learn more about Galt Phranchise™ Systems. We will be in touch soon to share the Galt story with you.