Territory: PharmedRx IV

Landry Roberts

Business Development Representative


    Welcome to Galt Phranchise Systems, the innovative franchisor that has partnered with a pharmaceutical company to create a one-of-a-kind franchise concept. Our unique approach allows entrepreneurs and business entities to promote and market pharmaceutical and health-related products in their local markets, with the support of Galt Pharmaceuticals managing the high-barrier industry functions. With our solid foundation and business systems, franchise owners can focus on operating truly patient-centric, local businesses. Join us in revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry and making a positive impact on the health and well-being of communities everywhere.

    About Landry Roberts

    Landry Roberts is a born and raised Alabama native. For several years he worked as a branch manager for a nationally recognized industrial company and later as a package car delivery driver for UPS. Landry describes himself as organized, detailed and resilient, and credits his friendships and connections as the reason he is the pharmaceutical industry today. His favorite part of servicing providers is the human interaction and challenge of building new relationships. In his spare time Landry enjoys spending time with his family, coaching softball, and football, and working outdoors. His unique perspective comes from not having a traditional medical or pharma background, and strongly believes in the power of commitment to learning and being willing to adapt and pivot to accomplish any goal.