Kevin S. Vora

Director of Business Development – Franchise Sales

Local Office:
3225 Cumberland Blvd SE Suite 100,
Atlanta, GA 30339


    Welcome to Galt Phranchise™ Systems. 

    At Galt, we believe there’s a better way than big pharma.  We work within our local communities to promote pharmaceutical and health related products through a variety of efforts, including:

    • Education for health care prescribers and medical office staff
    • Direct to consumer activities through health fairs and athletic events
    • Partnerships with health care professionals and local independent pharmacies

    Galt lowers the barriers to entry in a highly regulated and protected pharmaceutical marketplace, thus allowing our Phranchisees to own and operate a compliant, community-based, pharmaceutical enterprise.  We are passionate about delivering exceptional pharmaceutical treatments through people who live in and care for the communities they serve. 

    About Kevin

    Kevin S. Vora is Director of Marketing & Franchise Development at Galt, and also Phranchise owner of 2 territories in New Jersey (Bridgewater/Trenton -13001 & Camden-13008). When the opportunity presented itself to become a Galt Phranchise owner, Kevin profile imagejumped at the chance to help others become entrepreneur by becoming one himself.

    Prior to joining Galt Pharma & Phranchise family, Kevin was Product Manager for Leo Pharmaceuticals in Madison, New Jersey, from August 2016 to December 2017, and for Akrimax Pharmaceuticals in Cranford, New Jersey, from May 2012 to February 2016.

    Our FDA Approved Prescription Portfolio